Aura Overlap Mug with motifsAura Overlap Mug with motifs

Aura Overlap Mug with motifs

Slab built, stoneware mug with the end overlapping and the handle attached at the opposite side of the overlap. Vetical and hotizontal motifs have been carved into the two faces divided by the handle. The glaze is a rich blue-purple with a distinct change in the part which overlaps. The inside glaze is a lighter blue. Glaze application is medium to thick and the pieces have been fired at 1240 degrees Celsius. The feel of the mug is heavy and masculine.


401 gm


8 cm


9.5 cm


  • All functional ware is food friendly
  • Pottery is shipped within India only for now
  • Do not use in dishwasher or microwave
  • The items will ship within 1-5 days of order
  • We take special care in packing the piece to avoid damage
  • All items will be insured for damage during delivery

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